2222 Del Mar Ave- a Place to Remember

Welcome to 2222 Del Mar Ave.

2222 Del Mar is a mystical place. Divinely Sheltered, it has seen and harbored Princes, Prophets, a religious movement The rich, the famous, the poor, the inspired, the old, babies, children, surfers,sojourners, wonderful live music and people from around the world

Now YOU can Stage an event:

  1. Weddings
  2. Art Events
  3. Soirees

Now You Can Share in the Experience

2222 Del Mar is a unique experience. Located in the city under a canopy of scented Eucalyptus trees. Filtered sunlight. A Natural Place. Life Changing moments occur. Rites of passage should take place in a memorable place.

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The minute you enter, your eyes naturally look up. Lots of natural sunlight, high ceilings, this place has a spirit of Love surrounding it. .. and Peace.